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while you pass looking for creative Commons–licensed content, you in no way realize what you’ll locate. every now and then you’ll locate the precise photo or piece of sound you have been seeking out, and from time to time you’ll locate something you by no means could have imagined.

We’ve created a new Tumblr weblog to rejoice those uncommon, lovely, and quirky CC reveals from across the internet. It’s the innovative Commons element of the Day!

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here’s the final week and a half of in element of the Day.

Italic Shelf / Ronen Kadushin / CC by means of-NC-SA

Ronen Kadushin designs uncommon pieces of fixtures like this unorthodox bookcase. He stocks the designs below innovative Commons licenses and invitations people to test with them, adapt them, and share their modified versions. Kadushin writes, “An open design cost is extended with wider modification possibilities and transformation potentials into other merchandise. Designs that commonly live just a few years within the market can stay on and develop into new shapes and makes use of.”

purchase My bed in Brooklyn / Jonathan Mann / CC by

Jonathan Mann writes a tune each day. many of them tackle complex feelings and ideas. however necessarily, loads of them are just stupid, like “purchase My bed in Brooklyn.” In songs like “buy My bed,” we see a songwriter whose talent lies in his childlike technique to everyday lifestyles.

On why he licenses all his tune underneath CC, Jonathan told us, “It’s sort of a no-brainer… I don’t even really recognize why absolutely everyone could do something exceptional. It makes such simple experience.”

popping out Simulator / Nicky Case / CC0

Nicky Case creates videogames that cope with problems many videogame designers wouldn’t touch. Nicky’s not anything to hide is a frank examine authorities and company surveillance, and an addictive puzzle game to boot.

popping out Simulator is a semiautobiographical recreation approximately Nicky coming out of the closet to their dad and mom. The participant is given alternatives of what to say, but the heartwrenching ending is inevitable.

Andrew Archer / CC through-NC

Illustrator Andrew Archer drew these terrifying images of a submit-apocalyptic California for a characteristic in California mag.

located in Translation / Anjaya Iyer / CC by using-NC-ND

those terrifi prints feature phrases that seize thoughts and feelings we’ve all experienced, however that don’t translate well into English. by means of introducing such perfect phrases to English speakers, they function a testament to the way that languages constantly develop, adapt, and borrow words from every different.

Copyright / XKCD / CC by-NC 2.five

It even takes place to us some days.

프라하 까를교 악사 / Miyoung Yi / CC via

Miyoung Yi’s fabulous drawings capture regular moments, both in her domestic u . s . of South Korea and round the sector. As a creative Commons activist, she encourages different Koreans to don't forget sharing their paintings beneath open licenses.

Steven Lewis / CC0

here at CC, we’re huge fans of the pictures blog Unsplash. The weblog gives a unmarried picture each day – the Unsplash curators have a exceptional eye for delightful slices of life. The exceptional component is that each one of the photographs are available underneath the CC0 Public area dedication, which means that absolutely everyone can use them for any cause, commercial or noncommercial, with or without attribution.

Silhouettes / The OO-Ray / CC by-NC-SA 3.0

illustration: damaged window / CC by using-NC-ND 2.0

The OO-Ray’s Silhouettes is a terrific instance of the way creative Commons–certified work can tackle a lifestyles of its own. The OO-Ray (né Ted Laderas) composed and recorded the piece in 2011. because then, it’s appeared in dozens of motion pictures way to its CC license. As Laderas informed SoundCloud, “It’s highly energizing to see that humans like your tune a lot to include it of their video.”
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